Treatment flow – Listening


 We will tap into our inner intelligence to ask for rebalancing and for the energy to head into the right direction

Listening to your body state

During the session ( 60 minutes or 90 minutes if initial session) your pulse, tongue and abdomen are going to be “listened”.With listening I mean I take your pulse, palpate your abdomen and observe your tongue. This information has a relevance that helps us to proceed with each treatment.

Listening to your words

After “listening” to your body we have a conversation to address your concerns, you will have room to explain what you want to focus on. Different questions will be asked covering your general conditions and energy level. Combined with the previous body listening we gain an overview on blockages and patterns of disharmony in your body & mind.

Feeling your body response

Meaningful changes need to occur in order to regain your normal balance or to prevent losing it. Everything in your body should become “absolutely quiet, and yet vibrantly alive”- to quote Charles Chip – and here we find space for the self-regulatory system within our body to take over and bring the organism back to equilibrium.

Lifestyle approach

In many cases treatments need to be combined with physical activities and exercises as well as dietary or lifestyle changes, I’m happy to cover those topics with you. This means that your input and compliance are also needed to regain balance and equilibrium.


Photo on the left side: Milarepa with a hand raised to his ear in a listening gesture,  symboling his way of gaining wisdom through listening