TCM Therapies

Cupping Therapy

The cupping therapy is an old traditional Chinese therapy and is used for a variety of ailments.

A cupping massage can also be used to strengthen the immune system. Here, the skin is oiled, the cupping placed on the skin and then moved over certain places, as in the classical massage. Thus, existing blockages are solved.
The cupping therapy is mainly on the back (but not only). Reflex zones are found on the back of the and they are related to the individual organs – read more


Moxibustion is a warming therapy.

Moxa means dried mugwort (Artemisia – Beifusskraut ) 
It is used to warm particular acupoints and it is specifically applied to certain body areas, such as acupoints, to tonify (strengthen) them.
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YANG SHENG – The art of nourishing life

All has specific healing properties. – We need to think that everything has healing properties and walk around this place [world/palace] and enjoy the healing power of what surrounds us. Read more


Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧) is a traditional Chinese medical treatment.
Gua sha releases unhealthy body matter in painful, tired, stiff or injured muscle areas to stimulate oxygenation of the areas. It promotes the repair, regeneration, healing and regeneration of metabolic cells.
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