SHONISHIN – Pediatric treatments

Also treatments for children are offered with very delicate techniques that are well received by children and infants.

More commonly known as pediatric acupuncture, though typically no needles are used and nothing actually penetrates the skin, Shonishin literally translates as sho “little”, ni “children”, and shin “needle”.

This specialized method, called “shonishin” has been found helpful for a range of problems, including asthma, recurrent ear infections or colds, musculo-skeletal, gastro-intestinal, behavioural, skin, urinary issues as well as sleeping problems and hyperactivity

Treatment methods

With Shonishin according to Stephen Birch, the treatment can consist of rhythmically strokes, rubbing, tapping and pressing the skin to produce a variety of gentle stimulation sensations. Rounded tools, including rods of stone, shell, silver, or gold, are typically used. Sometimes a press sphere–a tiny round ball–is taped in place and left for a few hours to stimulate an acupuncture point. These techniques serve to harmonize and boost a child’s vital energy.

Treatment takes about 15-20 mins.

Regular daily preventative massage done by the parents may increase circulation of qi and blood, and may strengthen the child’s immune system. The soothing, relaxing massage can also improve sleeping and eating habits

Regardless of your child’s medical condition, Shonishin is only administered after you have consulted your medical doctor