Meridian Therapy is a style of acupuncture effective in treating almost anything that causes you discomfort or dis-ease – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Contact-Needle acupuncture doesn’t require needle insertion & uses the so-called “contact needle” and always keeps in consideration the actual state of the body. The gentleness of treatments make it highly recommended to particularly sensitive people and beyond.

Common issues that can be addressed  include:

  • anxiety
  • migraines & headaches
  • digestive disorders
  • menstrual pain & irregularity
  • back pain
  • physical injuries
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • stress
  • common colds & flus
  • eczema & other skin ailments, et al.

 According to what is needed to support your self-healing power a combination of  contact needle style Acupuncture, Teishin, Manaka ion pumping cords, Moxa, Cupping or Tuina can be used.
Plus Ear seed acupuncture can be used on side to support treatments.

My approach is a fusion of different styles. I was inspired by acupuncture and TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine – and even though Chinese acupuncture is the most established style in Europe – Japanese-style treatments are what influenced me the most.

The actual state of the body  is always kept in consideration and it is the core of the treatment.

Acupoints can be stimulated simply with hands, with crystals or with the use of a teishin (a small healing instrument made of gold, silver, jade or other precious materials) with no need to penetrate the skin; and in this way the treatments can be recommended to people which have fear of needles too.

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Here  below some tools that can be used: