Indications & Conditions

The holistic body therapy with Meridian Therapy – Contact needle Acupuncture and Tuina massage is an ideal health care. However, it can also be an effective therapy for all acute or chronic problems of a physical, mental and emotional nature.

Common issues that can be addressed include:


Migraines & headaches


Muscle relaxation/ Increase muscle tone

Rheumatism, Arthritis

Sprains and Bruises

Fatigue and Stress

Chronic Lyme Disease

Common colds & flus

Digestive disorders

Cold hands and/or feet

Shoulder, Neck pain

Physical injuries/ Sports injuries


Hormonal imbalance & fertility issues

Back pain, Sciatica


Menstrual pain & irregularity

Removal of waste products in blood and lymph

Increase circulation of blood and lymph