based on Chinese Medicine principles

Online consultation

As a new patient, you will have a consultation to discuss what has brought you contact us and what are the reason behind. After the constitutional assessment we will discuss a dietary program and a customised herbal formula of Chinese Herbs and/or supplements.

  1. Consultation
    Chinese medicine diagnostics are used to identify treatment priorities; that includes examination of your tongue, and identification of energy flow blockages that lead to dis-comfort/imbalances. 
    For patients, including those with recently appeared or chronic discomfort, such as menstrual issues/hormonal imbalance, fertility issues, stress and fatigues, digestive disorders.
  2. Dietary program & customised Chinese Herbal formulas:
    we build a plan for dietary recommendations and herbal formulas based on your constitution and issues you are facing at the moment to help revitalise your system.
  3. Body-based Therapy:
    According to your therapeutic needs, self body treatments (e.g. stimulation of acupoints, acupressure, moxibustion, essential oils) and lifestyle recommendations (e.g. sleep hygiene, yoga/sound practices etc) may be included.


Please contact us for a new patient consultation. 
You can access consultation comfortably from wherever you are, directly from your home.

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