I have always considered myself a student of life and I have always enjoyed experimenting and being surprised.
When I started studying acupuncture I didn’t know what kind of world would open up before me. I unexpectedly discovered an infinite wisdom hidden in Chinese medicine. Therefore I decided to continue exploring it with non-invasive techniques coming from the Toyohari and  “Keiraku Chiryo” – Japanese ‘Meridian Therapy’ tradition, as well as manual therapy (Tuina Anmo).
Recently with the encounter of Engaging Vitality’s methods, other interesting techniques of diagnosis and treatment unfolded; now listening and palpating meridians and body fluids are also part of treatments that consider the actual state of the person.
And besides my on-going educational training to deepen my knowledge, I continue working as teaching assistant and assistant in the practice clinic of the acupuncture  in “Shou Zhong” – TCM School- in Berlin.

Chinese medicine has fully become the focus of my professional work in this life.
And I’m pleased to share the wisdom of Chinese medicine in creating space to rebalance the body, heart and spirit.

I’m a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist and member of the AGTCM – Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klassische Akupunktur und Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin.

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian