ABHYANGA MASSAGE in Kalari style

The warm oil with either a light or deep massage relaxes muscular tension, and penetrates deeply through the skin into the tissues. This softens the tissues, and carries healing input from the healthy to distressed cells. It promotes hormonal balance & fertility.

It helps to dissolve toxins by sending them down to your intestine where they are going to be expelled from the body. It is a gift to us from the old Ayurveda tradition.

Bowel movements and metabolism are improved and toxins are freed giving the body a new vitality.

Furthermore this helps enhance your complexion and the luster of your skin and removes stress and generally improves your health.

With the application of warm oils amended with essential oils our bodies are able to get rid of not just of physical toxins but also of mental and emotional toxins.

massage oil

It rebalances our aggravated dosha – our hectic and stressful lifestyle and improper food habits can cause imbalances; and overall it helps to relieve stress.

Aromatic herbal oils are going to be used according to your constitutional type. This massage is meant to nourish your body and it certainly promotes healthy circulation and joints.

A body and mind purified from the toxins are the the basis for health and joy: they guarantee the maintenance of the body-mind balance, longevity and serenity.

A customized mix of organic oils & essential oils is combined for you.

Unique 4 Ritual Package – (Valid over 6 months)

The Benefits of Abhyanga – according to Vasant Lad

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