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The art of nourishing life –
Dietetics & Lifestyle counseling


His master asked the apprentice:
“Go and find a substance that has no healing property.”
The apprentice thought :
“Hm, that’s easy. I’ll be back in a couple of months. Bye”.
After many year discovering the Himalayas, he returned to his master empty-handed and said:
“Everything I tried had healing properties”.
And then his master said:
“Well, let’s now  use everything we have around us for healing”.

All has specific healing properties. – We need to think that everything has healing properties and walk around this place [world/palace] and enjoy the healing power of what surrounds us.

TCM & Ayurveda agree on the fact that – āhārasambhavam vastu rogāścāhārasambhavāh -“Charaka Samhita, Sutrastahna, Ch28, 45” – food is responsible for good health as well as disease and food is responsible for purification of the body and mind as well.

The COVID-19 and the situation that has created made us feel vulnerable; we have this feeling that everything is out of control, everything is in chaos, and we are realising that all your basic needs are so interconnected with the global system and we have little control on it. It is a tangible experience of the interconnections in the world and on how much that we depend on one another.

_ How we can use this time to transform the things that poison our life into tools for healing?
_ How can we use this potential for transformation?

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Can food be therapeutic and be used as a tool for transformation?


The complementary, functional approach of Chinese dietetics is based on the understanding that a balanced interaction of the external energetic influences to which each person is subject and the energetic potential provided by the internal functional circuits is the prerequisite for balance.

Each food influences this balance and is considered and used on the basis of their properties and preparation (temperature behavior, flavor, energetic effect and function circle reference)

Thus foods can be therapeutic through an individualized counseling, a better understanding on how foods affect you personally can be gained, and it can be learnt what is good for you or what is better to be avoided, or how preparation, storage or combination of foods can affect their properties.

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What is a Traditional Chinese Dietetics & Lifestyle counseling?

“] According to TCM  each person has a unique mind-body constitution.

The TCM Nutritional consultation process identifies the various components of an individual’s mind-body constitution, determines where any imbalances may exist, and provides education, guidance, and options for helping the individual to nourish, stimulate, and balance vital energy to bring about their own improvements in wellbeing.

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What do we identify with this consultation?

  • What we can and cannot do to contribute toward the achievement of your wellbeing andwellness objectives 
  • What you, the client, are willing and able to do to contribute toward the achievement of your wellbeing and wellness objectives
  • How we can cooperate together to assist you in activating your plan to achieve your wellbeing and wellness objectives

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What are next three general steps?

  1. Assessment – This includes a determination of your constitution and your current condition and imbalances, a discussion of your concerns and reason for the consultation and jointly exploring your history and past treatment results.
  2. Findings – The practitioner will analyse the assessment results and compile information to be reviewed with you to be used in a collaborative process to plan your wellness improvement program.
  3. Recommendations – The practitioner will offer recommendations based on your concerns and goals, your current condition, and what the practitioner thinks is best for you. This is tailored to your unique needs with the intention of assisting you to shift from your current state of imbalance toward your optimum balance.

    This may include information and instruction on diet and eating habits, lifestyle, yoga, exercise, meditation, breathing practices, and other health improvement practices, as appropriate.

    Then together, you and the practitioner will establish a workable program you can implement to achieve your short-term and long-term health improvement goals.
  4. Meridian Therapy/ Tuina treatments
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Sliding scale pricing for the consultation

“] ____ Consultation Costs:
1st Consultation – introductory offer 59€ (valid until June of 2021)- approx.80 minutes
Following appointments Fee Sliding Scale €35-€50 – approx.45-60 minutes

I don’t accept health insurances.


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